Scott Christopher is co-author of the best selling book The Levity Effect: Why It Pays to Lighten Up” and author of the worst selling book “Lighten Up: Managing with Mirth Ain’t Rocket Surgery.” As the former director of the Carrot Culture, Scott was also a contributing author of the very good selling “A Carrot A Day” and “The Daily Carrot Principle.”

Ok, we get it. The guy writes stuff. What else?

As a celebrated author (hah!), Scott has traveled the world entertaining and motivating thousands of individuals to get up and leave his  presentation, most of them long before it ends.

What does he talk about?

The main focus of his laugh-a-minute lectures is sharing how levity, humor and becoming more of a ‘people person’ can help you excel in business and at home. Scott practices what he preaches by presenting meaningful data, research, case studies and stories in a relaxed, interactive, hilarious environment.

What makes him so good?

Scott has been an actor, comedian, TV host and emcee for, well, let’s just say a long time and leave it there. No sense in minimizing his opportunities for work by identifying him with any actual age. Anyway, he’s been entertaining audiences since he was a small boy, playing a woman reporter in his first school play (wig, makeup and a cute skirt).

 Great. So he’s a cross-dresser.

His wife and five sons would be very upset to hear that. No, it was just that one 3rd-grade role and then he hung up his nylons.

So, he’s an actor?

As an undergrad at BYU Scott won the prestigious IRENE RYAN award at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., an award annually presented to the nation’s top collegiate actor. In his part-time acting career Scott has appeared on The Disney Channel, CBS, Fox Kids, Lifetime, The WB and in over 20 films. He was a morning radio personality in Salt Lake City and Monterey, California and has hosted several television shows.

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