Author. Speaker. Thousandaire.

"Devastatingly average. Breathtakingly mediocre. But talent? Get outta here. At best he doesn't totally embarrass me." -Scott's mother

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Click here to order Scott's newest book, "People People: Who They Are. Why They Win. How to Be One." or "The Levity Effect: It Pays to Lighten Up," which he's proud to have co-authored with celebrated best-selling guru stud (Sir) Adrian Gostick.


For two decades Scott has traveled the globe as a corporate messenger, delivering engaging and hilarious messages to thousands of catatonic audiences, many of whom remain till the bitter end.


With virtually no acting ability to speak of, Scott has carved out a reputation in Hollywood as the actor least likely to ever have to worry about renting formal wear, and yet somehow has managed to get cast in TV series and films. Go figure.


Scott has hosted television programs and corporate videos for over two decades and emceed every kind of live event imaginable: conferences, parties, banquets, pageants, parades, award ceremonies, grand openings, product launches, Amway ambush dinners, Tupperware parties, root get the idea.

In spite of Scott's efforts to the contrary, he somehow managed to deliver a dialed-in, spot-on message to our entire workforce without fielding any death threats! In six keynotes over two days, he reached our people's hearts and minds. They absolutely loved him. CalPERS, Sacramento, CA